Sunday, March 29, 2009

Still in Seattle

There hasn't been much in the way of blogging happening here at TYOTB headquarters. Mostly it was because I was without a computer while in Portland and busy with Michele when at home. Recently it's because our main computer took a dump. The keyboard went to shit and it's since been sent back to Lenovo for warranty repair. Hopefully we'll get it back the first part of this week and all will be right in the world once again. The backup computer(that I'm using currently) as a screen on the fritz. Thanks to Paul I've got a external monitor hooked up and I'm making it happen.

The plan was to head back down to Tim and Lucy's today and tie up loose ends this week. They aren't ready for me yet so I'm now finding myself still in town with a week to kill before school starts. Have I mentioned that I'm going back to school? No? Maybe? North Seattle Community College is only a short walk from the abode and the state's paying my tuition, so what the hell. I'm taking drafting classes and the related coursework for the next five quarters, it'll wrap up just about the time that Michele's done with residency and ready to start pulling down the dollars. Maybe the construction job market will be better then. Maybe it'll be time for me to put some time and energy into a house of my own for a change. Maybe something else so cool that haven't even thought over it yet will happen, hopefully involving hovercrafts.

Anyway, I've got a couple of goals for the week, get books, finish a little furniture repair for Paul and Sean, prepare for garage repair, and ride my bike. I think I might just be able to handle it all.

I've got a couple of pictures to share, nothing special just some pictures I like from my brief hiatus from the blog.

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