Monday, May 11, 2009

Overdue Spokane Post

I apologize in advance for the suckitude of this post, I'm going to make this short, word wise anyway. I left Seattle right after my english class on Friday and drove straight through to Spokane. It was raining in Seattle when I left and as soon as I crossed the mountains it looked like this for the remainder of the drive.

Once there I broke out the bike and went for a ride from the house. Only a few miles on pavement to the High Drive trails and then many miles of sweet singletrack.

I don't remember there being near this many houses down there.

About to enter the land of shitastic mcmansions.

After bombing down Hatch at insane speeds I crossed over and worked my way back up to the top on trail. Popped back out at mcmansions once again.

Tired and slightly sunburned I hauled ass back to the house.

Saturday was the main event. I finally got to submit my application to become a lifetime member for life of the Fucking Bike Club.

I got there a little early...

..but was soon joined by a crowd.

When I stepped outside again I was treated to quite the bike pile.

We rolled to the fountain(fountain? there's been some changes in the last 6 years) 100 deep.

Once to the fountain we were given the destination, the Illinois Ave B&G. An easy roll along the Centennial Trail to get there.

This was my favorite bike pile of the night.

I left a little early. Waking a 5:30 and failing to get a nap was not the best plan. Here I am headed to bed, a little drunk and a lot tired.

Til next time...

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