Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Current Project List

My list of projects just keeps growing. Here's what's currently awaiting completion, in no particular order:
  1. The boat. Does anyone even remember the boat? Well I've been getting some work done on it lately. As of right now the keelson is repaired, the bottom is finished, and it's right side up in a webbing cradle. My hope is to get it done by late summer, use it a bit while the weather is still nice, and deliver it back to Pat sometime in the fall.
  2. Bamboo vanity top for my parents. The cost of bamboo ply in the 'nix is downright unreal, it cost nearly three times more there than I can buy it for here in Seattle. I picked up a sheet of 3/4" blond vertical grain ply today and fab will go down the next time I get decent weather.(I don't have room in the garage to make it happen)
  3. Paul and Sean's couch. It's a little repair job that's kind of fallen to the back burner, the new part I've built is ready to go, I just need to find some time to go over there and take care of the hard part.
  4. Shannon's new bike. I brought home Shannon's new(to him) mountain bike from the party on Friday. It needs a bit of a tune up and some minor misc parts. I'm mostly done right now, I just want to swap the tires out for something a little less shitty than what he's got currently.
  5. Longboard. Oh yeah, a longboard. I've been captivated by longboards for a long time now and when I was picking up the bamboo for the vanity I was able to get some 1/8" veneer remnants for just a couple of dollars. I've got some purpleheart and bubinga I can use for the core already in the garage. I'm going to try and get the core ready today and laminate the deck together tomorrow. This might end up being a complete and total failure since I don't know shit about what I'm doing so don't expect anything great to come of this.
  6. Front fender for the tank. I could have used this today, it was raining like a mother fucker on my way to class this morning. I've got the walnut bent and ready to go, I just need to get to work on it. Longboard first.
I think that covers it. I'm going to have a half sheet of 3/4 ply left over when I get done with the vanity so I'm sure that will lead to something else I can add to the list.

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