Saturday, May 2, 2009

Paradise Found

One of the first things I did when we got to Seattle was buy a mountain biking guide book for the area.  One of the crazy things about this guide is that it lists a number of places that are currently closed to bikes.  After a brief explanation about the trail closure the book talks about how you might have wanted to drive to the trails, routing suggestions you might have wanted to take into consideration, and a detailed description about utterly fantastic these tails you'll never never get to ride are.  At first I thought this might be just to help pad out what is a pretty thin book to begin with(at least by AZ standards), or maybe an invitation to poach(although the book clearly discourages that), but really it's call to action.  Paradise Valley is one of those trails.  A week ago it reopened thanks to a great deal of work put in by our local advocacy group. 

All of the trails are very well marked, although a map on my person might have helped a little since I was riding around with near zero beta to begin with.

The "Mt. Bike Park" isn't much more than about a mile worth of twisty trail.  Don't think it's not any fun though.  I had a blast for I do so love those little twisty switchbacks and such.

Someone was thoughtful enough to put a number of these nice little log skinnies alongside the trail.

I don't remember the trail being this purple, odd.

Nicely built section of elevated trail.

The book was right by the way, the trail is fantastic.  I'm considering heading back today with TBFKaU.

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