Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Deck #5, Now in Eddie's Hands

Eddie finally got his board in NOLA, I've had a hard time keeping this thing under wraps for the last week. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out and it sounds like Eddie is too.

I've started a new blog to chronicle these builds, it can be found here: forty2longboards

I did what I could to make it his. The flex is just about right for his weight and he should find it really nice for cruising and somewhat pumpable. Of course the NOLA touches help too. BTW, without Shannon's help the water box logo would have never happened, awesome work.

Learn how to footbrake Eddie. With no kicktail, stopping can be a bitch unless you know how footbrake. Have fun!

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Eddie Gianelloni said...

I am more than pleased. I am beyond pleased. If your boards to not take off. It will not be due to your craftsmanship or ingenuity. You have and continue to craft amazing boards. I will be showing the south your work. Keep it up man. And thank you for making me my first longboard. The SA5 is sweet.