Monday, November 15, 2010

Begging Forgiveness

Once I had Michele and Porter past breakfast I loaded up El M and headed south to South SeaTac for my first ride in a long time. I felt bad for the bike, having neglected it for so long. I've got no excuses, lucky for me the bike was good to me has no hard feelings. It wasn't a long ride by any means, only about 45 minutes or so on the trail but it was really good to get my legs moving. Even though it was a little tough in places where it shouldn't have been and my legs hurt after ten minutes I was surprised by how much it stays with me. I was railing slippery corners at a pretty high rate of speed and clearing obstacles like I never stopped riding. Of course, this is SST we're talking about here and there's not much in the way of difficult terrain, but still, I felt good.

I'm going to attempt to get out a minimum of a couple times a week through the winter, even if that means that I'm occasionally riding (GASP) pavement now and again. Seems like a bit of a feat considering that Michele goes back to work on Monday but I think I can do it. As a matter of fact I think I have to do it. I came home from my ride feeling better than I have since before Porter was born. Like I have a new sense of myself. Reading that last bit back to myself, it sounds really corny and not very "Sean like", I'm not erasing it though. It feels true.
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