Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Tried to get out for a ride today, just a little one from the house. Got as far as the skate park before things started to go south. First, I whip out the camera to take a couple shots of the empty park and find the screen is completely shattered. The camera still takes pics but there's no way of knowing what the settings are or previewing the shot. I guess nearly four years is a pretty good run for a small camera anymore, but it's still disappointing. At least it gives me an opportunity to learn from past mistakes, the next camera will not use proprietary cables or memory cards, that shit just sucks.

The second shitty thing, just as I was leaving the skatepark and heading up into lower Woodland I heard a big pang and felt my chain jump hard. Upon initial inspection I thought I just didn't have my skewer tight because the wheel had jumped from the dropouts. After popping the wheel back on it was instantly obvious that more was wrong. The wheel was pushed up hard against the drive side chainstay and refused to turn. I walked back to the skatepark to start checking for broken spokes when lo and behold, I found a broken rim. The thing is a good 3/4" out of true and now I'm pissed. A great way for El M and I to celebrate our three year anniversary. So, now I'm in the market for a new rim...

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Joeflagstaff said...

Welcome back to it, Sean... I hope the baby and Michelle are doing well.

Skateparks are hard on rims... Don't be ashamed to admit you were pulling some dope tricks when your rim gave up the ghost.