Sunday, July 29, 2007

Snoqualmie Middle Fork

Hit the middle fork of the Snoqualmie River today. Great trail that only a few years ago was opened up to mountain bikes. The trailhead is nine miles down a gravel road just East of North Bend. I think bringing the camera along was a big mistake, the hardest part of the ride was resisting the temptation to stop and take pictures every two minutes.

Beautiful suspension bridge right out of the parking lot.

Sweet, sweet single track.

Loads of these little waterbars scattered all over the place. Very fun part of the ride, I love going up and down these things.

I'd guess there's a good tenth of a mile of boardwalk along the trail, nice and smooth.

Except of course where damaged by last winters storms.

Do I look completely tanked?

I rode 11.5 miles and somewhere between 2700 and 3900 vertical feet depending on the data source. Definitely a place I need to return to before it gets shut down for the year.

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su ling said...

damnit if you never EVER have any fun or any good trails or any good pictures. you suck! ;) Dammit, I'm just jealous!

on a lighter note. Sunrise DH was a total blast this past weekend! too bad I have no camera... :P

su ling