Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mudday! Mudday! MUDDAY!!!

As planned I headed up to Anacortes yesterday to ride ACFL again. This time however I had a local guide. Matt and I met at the Heart Lake parking lot and headed towards Cranberry.

I decided to ride the El Mariachi, which as it turns out was a bad choice. Who would have thought a super wide tire with small closely spaced knobs wouldn't work so well in the mud? Oh yeah, me. I ended up walking many of the climbs because my rear tire would not hook up, at all. I was also sliding out all over the place. In spite of all that it was a great ride.

Matt was a good guide and provided the very welcome local knowledge, including where to get some post ride calories.

We were out for a little over three hours and covered maybe 14 miles. It's been since Sedona since I've ridden that kind of distance, or any significant distance really and I certainly felt the hurt by the end. On the plus side, I really liked how well the bike handled the tight switchbacks even with the wheelbase considerably longer than that of the bike formerly known as Unit.

Hey, I cleaned this climb!

Again, great ride and well worth the drive up from Seattle. Michele and I already talked about it a little in passing but I think in deserves mentioning again, Anacortes can definitely go on the future home of Sean and Michele shortlist.

Dirty bike?

Clean it up, with a handful of quarters.


Old Fat & Slow said...

We almost moved to Anacortes when you were a little one. WTCI offered to let me be the microwave tech for Whidbey Island and the San Juans. Unfortunately, they didn't want to pay enough that we could afford to live there.

Snakebite said...

Yo. Go to my blog and read the post from today (Friday 12/21). You've been tagged!

YuriB said...

Bike + Mud + Pressurized Water
= very bad things.

Sean said...

Yuri - lesson learned the hard way many years ago. Low pressure from a distance and I was very careful not to get anywhere near anything sensitive.