Monday, December 24, 2007


Made it over to the Colonnade today, and with my bike no less. Spent about 45 minutes riding and 15 minutes shooting waiting for Michele to get off work. Very cool shit is happening there and even though I won't be going anywhere near the advanced stuff I'm pretty damn excited about it.

Pump track under construction

Very nice incorporation of the storage box into the stunts

The Starbuck's bench has a cupholder, go figure

Advanced area, AKA phase 2
Holy Chute, the camera is not tilted by the way

From the top, the scary part to me is the little bit of mud at the end

Nice use of freeway pier

Obligatory bike shot

Lots of switchbacks in phase 1, very cool

Somehow I didn't notice this until I was just about to leave

Solid piece of work


YuriB said...

That colon aid thing looks sweet

Snakebite said...

Nice pics! Looks fun!