Friday, December 14, 2007

Worst. Post. Ever.

Michele's in bed, recovering from her second 30 hour shift since Monday, second one without sleep too. I'm just trying to fill the evening by subjecting you, the reader, to some general randomness.

Speaking of Michele and her work, US News and World Report was on site for three hours yesterday morning taking pictures during rounds for the upcoming best hospitals and blah blah blah issue. Look for my lady coming soon to a newsstand near you.

I usually don't feel very motivated to post the work of others but this is just too good to pass up.

Looks like I've got a little project ahead of me. My company has a full cabinet shop, I could turn out some nice rollers in no time. I don't see how the whole thing could cost me more than $18.95.

On to more important matters. Tomorrow I'm headed up to Anacortes for another go at ACFL, just need to be home in time to get to the company Christmas party. I'm still undecided on what bike to take. 29er is new and fun but inappropriate tires and the 26er is not the still very new bike that I want to ride. What to do?

Last little thought for today, somehow I spent two hours in the Clyde Hill Tully's staring at MS Project and I don't feel like my planning for Yarrow Point is any further along than it was yesterday. The job should get rolling full swing right after New Years, just as North Bend is finally winding down. Mom requested more work pictures so I'll get some interesting stuff along those lines up here real soon.


Old Fat & Slow said...

Love the Flintstone quality of the rollers. The only thing that could improve it would be larger diameters and a few embedded rocks for that true outdoor feel. Or you could simulate road riding with shards of amber glass.

john said...

Likin' that old-skool roller setup. Ping YuriB or shout out next time yer in P-Town or thereabouts. A ride should be in order.