Saturday, December 8, 2007

As the wheel turns...

I had to get out there today. I'm feeling the hurt from my work week both physically and psychologically and needed to do something to loosen things up even if I didn't really feel up to it.

I headed over to Seattle's giant hampster wheel known as Green Lake Park in search of the dirt jumps and the new skatepark I've heard so much about.

Found the skatepark. I think I've got a pretty decent handle on material and labor costs and I'm interested to see what 850,000 in municipal dollars buys the skaters these days.

Oh yeah, I found the dirt jumps too. And some dirt jumpers.

I have always loved watching people much more skilled than I tearing shit up in this manner.

I'm just too gravitationally challenged for this kind of thing.

The full set can be found here. I'll leave them up on Picassa for at least a couple of weeks.
You(the pictured riders) have my permission to use these shots however you like.

Gratuitous beauty shot.

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