Sunday, January 20, 2008

Back in the Saddle

It's been a full four weeks since I've last been on a bike. Even though I only rode a couple of miles just to grab a paper it still hurt a little. Since it's been so long I was also able to make a couple of interesting observations about the El M. It's got a little more wheel flop than I had previously noticed. It's not extremely pronounced like it was on Michele's bike at 130mm but you can start to feel a little pull at around ten degrees or so. That may very well be a big part of the good handling on tight trail. I was running off-road pressure for my little pavement ride and I am still amazed by how much is soaked up by the big wheels and fatty tires. The joints in the road nearly disappeared, but on the other hand I could definitely feel the resistance on the road thanks to those tires.

On a slightly different note, I think I might need to make some small cockpit changes, both in adjustment and gear. On the gear end it's nothing unexpected, it's really time for me to get the saddle my ass seems to enjoy most and I've got a set of Ourys sitting on the workbench just itching to go on. Mom and grandma are in town next weekend, so it's pretty unlikely I'm going to ride again until the following weekend. I'm going to have to start ramping shit back up again soon if I intend to follow through on some of my big summertime plans.

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