Saturday, January 19, 2008


I went and checked out the Steilacoom Tribal Center today with Paul and Sean. I had agreed some time ago to have a look see and give my honest assessment of where they need to direct their limited renovation funds.

The building is an old church built around the turn of the century. It was a home for an unknown period of time up until the late eighties when the tribe took possession and it became their museum.

Water intrusion.

Porch roof falling away.

A good number of other problems accompanied by very uninteresting photos. Anyway, I think this building could easily eat up a half a million, but the tribe doesn't have that so I'll be working up a list of priorities for them to consider. It's a bit of a drive to get to Steilacoom from Seattle so I don't know how involved I'll be in the actual work, but I'll post updates as they occur.

An interesting side note, the house that Tim and Lucy want me to build in the summer of 2010 is located just a short ferry ride away from the tribal center. Maybe I'll be more help to the tribe if that project comes to fruition.

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