Thursday, June 21, 2007

Holy Crap!

We've got real, honest to goodness, internet of our very own now. Yeah for us. I started work right away on Monday morning, a little too early for my liking but Michele was pleased as punch. I've been pretty busy since too. Monday night Michele and I drove up to Monroe to pick up my loaner truck. Tuesday was, hell, I don't even remember, oh yeah, we tried to get a new washer although we had some problems tracking down our landlord(even still).

Yesterday I finally hit the bricks on the Volpe. Michele had a orientation picnic event at Magnuson Park and since she rode in to the clinic so I met her at the park so we could ride back together. I left the house at the height of rush hour and had some good clean fun dodging slow moving hunks of metal. Only a few blocks from the house I started up a conversation with a fellow rider headed the same direction as me. We rode together for a couple of miles and as we talked I noticed that I've got a lot of work to do. I've been riding primarily singlespeed off-road for the last three years and my 800 lb gorilla kung fu style just ain't gonna cut it. My new friend rode as smooth as a baby's ass while I was all over the map. I'm swinging my bike around, standing and sitting for no apparent reason, not shifting when I should, shifting when I shouldn't. Figuring out how to ride is a project for another day though. It didn't take me terribly long to get to the park even with the two decent climbs along the way. Once there I got the introductions all around and headed right towards the food. A couple of hot dogs and a few too many cookies later Michele and I started our return ride. Using my vague recollection of the map we were able to cut out one of the hills without adding too much mileage. I'm looking forward to more miles around town. I rode 11.8 miles and 1000 feet.

I will be putting up some pictures in the next couple days so stay tuned.


Shane said...

I was reading through your blog, and I was inspired by what I read. Because I am also a fat guy on a bicycle too. I thought you might like to read my own blog and progress.

su ling said...

Hey Sean,

Sound like you are getting into your new digs! Love the pics. I'm sure you'll pick up your new riding style soon enough. Just don't forget to get out there for some rugged riding too...Oh..and would you please do a PacNW style rain dance and send some rain our way?

Sean said...


Keep up the good work man, there's plenty of riding here to go around. I'm going to have to check out Marymore Park pretty soon.

Su Ling,

The riding style will fall into place soon enough, but I'm concerned that I might loose my SS Kung Fu in the process. Wheels will hit dirt this coming weekend for sure, got a place all picked out and everything. As for the rain dance, I'll do what I can, give my love to the desert in the meantime.