Sunday, June 17, 2007

Safe and sound in Seattle

We made it! We got into town Friday around 11:00 am and had the truck completely unloaded by 2:00. In another couple of weeks we might even be unpacked. The place is awesome. This is the second time we've rented a place sight unseen and both times it's worked out extremely well. I'm guessing that we've got around 1500 square feet plus a two car garage. We're only 1/4 mile from Green Lake and you can see the Space Needle from the deck. Michele starts on Tuesday and I'm currently choosing between two job offers also starting this week. These are exciting times in the world of Sean and Michele.

We won't have internet for another couple of days so I'm currently stealing wireless that is a bit too far away to be any good. As a result I won't be posting any pictures until we're setup legit.

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su ling said...

Just think,'ll actually get to wear WINTER clothes this year! Like coats and pink fuzzy ear muffs... ;-) AND you'll see real precipitation not the miniscule scant sprinkles for 5 seconds we get here in Phx...