Friday, June 8, 2007


Michele and I went out to Pemberton this morning. One last long ride for my lady before we leave. Kinda sucked to drive out there(I'm a little burned out on driving at the moment), but the ride was great. We cut the mileage a little by opting to go up on Tonto rather than stick to Pemberton the whole way. By the time we hit Pemberton again Michele wasn't feeling so hot, her bagel breakfast was not agreeing with her. She said she'd be alright so we soldiered on. The rest of the ride went fairly smooth with Michele clearing a couple of steep spots that she'd never made it passed before and was keeping pace quite nicely down the service road. We covered 13.5 miles and 1000 feet in 1 hour 40 minutes. After the ride we made one final visit to Rage so that I could pick up a dirt cheap BB to replace my current one that is on it's way out.

Tomorrow I'm going to hit SoMo with a small group. We'll be headed up Mormon/National to Buena Vista and back, I'm expecting to suffer just a little. Should be my last group ride in the 'nix. I might squeeze in one more on Sunday and I'm going to attempt to get up to Crazy Joe's place on Monday in time for one last trip up Schultz. That will be the end of my biking until at least the latter part of next weekend after we arrive in Seattle.

Yeah Seattle!

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