Sunday, June 10, 2007

This time it's for real.

The final final Phoenix ride went down today. Michele and I headed up to 32nd St to do her loop x2. I still haven't put the rack back on the car yet so it meant folding the seat down and fighting with the second bike a little bit to get them both in there. Took a little time at the trailhead to address the broken toeclip on Michele's bike that I had neglected after our Pemberton ride on Friday.

I was quite surprised by the lack of people on the trail this morning. The temp was still below 90 when we headed out and we only saw a handful of other trail users. I felt really good and was riding a little faster than I normally would with Michele but since she was hanging with me quite well I saw no reason to make any changes. We covered 5.7 miles and 400 ft in 47 minutes. Afterwards we stopped at Starbucks and Einstein's for breakfast.


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