Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh, You Brought THAT Bike!

That was what she said when I pulled The Bike Formerly Known as Unit out of the E. What the fuck does that mean anyway? True, The El M. has been my go to bike more often than not for the majority of the riding I've done this year, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten TBFKaU. I love this bike, and Miller Peninsula is a great place to take it for a ride.

Miller Peninsula is a good place for singlespeeding, It doesn't have any sustained climbs(elevation never gets over 400ft) and has some mild tech if you seek it out(we didn't).

Michele seemed to be enjoying herself although she wasn't looking forward to the return from the beach. The climb turned out to not be a problem, Michele killed it and I walked the start as not to waste my legs. I should have just sucked it up and ridden it.

Beach adjacent bike parking.

Not the greatest beach I've ever been to but since it's remote and bike, horse, and foot access only it earns a few extra points in my book.

My favorite part of this particular ride was cruising back down the doubletrack with Michele at around 14 mph.

And here she is!

About 8 miles and 1000 ft total, not bad for a quickie S & M ride.

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