Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Last Port Angeles Trip - Part 1

Pictures now. Bed next. Captions tomorrow.

*EDIT* Captions added.

Up early and onto the MV Coho, on our way to Canada.

Just me and my lady.

A lot of seaplanes fly in and out of Victoria everyday. I really like the idea of seaplanes and the whole thing evokes a sense of romance that is missing in traveling these days. Of course I can't afford it, so much for that.

Dragon races for cancer.

Totem pole outside of the Royal BC Museum. I case you don't already know, I really love Pac-NW native art, totems especially.

Inside the museum and Michele found something she likes.

Fixie locked up in the old timey town, notice that it's locked up by the seat. Classy.

The stairs to the carillon, the bells played a short little tune every hour or so and a longer performance sometime later in the day(we missed it).

Oh yes I was.

Michele wants me to hurry up, can you sense that in the photo?

Hi ya!

During our short little jaunt out the Galloping Goose Trail we passed this shop that looks like it has some potential.

Mural on the trail.

The other side.

Ahh yes, my lovely bicycle.

Short but cool little run through the trees.

Stopped for lunch at Spinnakers, a restaurant, brewery, and hotel reminiscent of McMenamins.

From our seats we could watch our boat leave.

Beer and truffle pairings? Oh what the hell, I think I might be able to choke that down.

The day ended with a visit to the nearly closed Maritime Museum($10 for 10 minutes? No thanks.) and a little bookstore shopping. Rather than wait for a long time to catch the Coho we left earlier, picking up a seat on the Victoria Express. The V.E. is a faster, smaller, and slightly cheaper passenger only ferry covering the same route as the Coho. We were back on dry land and through customs with plenty of light left in the day, which leads us into part 2.

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