Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Saturday - In Photo Form

Work, ugh. At a very early hour no less.

This is what we were working on.

And this is where the cables go.

Later, Mom and I went to Carkeek while Michele took care of a pet emergency.(Jubjub's ok)

Lunch at Paseo.

Archie McFee's after lunch.

Followed by dessert at Trophy(if you think Cupcake Royale is any good, either you've never been to Trophy or you're a crackhead, one or the other).

Luau at Paul and Sean's.

Nice setting(or sitting).

More guests.

Mmmm.... Good.


JMH said...

What's up with the $3.00 gourmet cupcake? Sure the frosting is yummy, but is it really worth it? I'm just pissed that I didn't think of it first!

Tracy said...

You've been keeping busy - very nice garden setting. Looking forward to more bike reports, too!