Monday, August 18, 2008

The Last Port Angeles Trip - Part 3

Started out early on Sunday by hitting the bagel shop and making the drive up to Hurricane Ridge. We originally planned on being up before the sun and watching it rise from the park, but neither of us could get going at the required hour so we departed around 7:30 or so instead.

Breakfast at 5100 feet.

Do work little friend.

Michele on the lookout for bears. No bears. Poor Michele.

Looking SW(?) towards Mt. Olympus.

Michele made it to the top with ease.

My fat ass on the other hand...

Just kidding! I was just fine as well(mostly).

This trail is just begging for a bicycle. Damn you National Park Service.

The hike was all of 3.2 miles and didn't take all that long, after lunch I took a little nap before heading back to Seattle. I decided to skip the ferries on the return and go down to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Taking the difference in toll and fuel into account the cost for the trip is just about the same as the ferry. The down side to the drive is that I can't read a book while cruising at 70 mph on the I-5.

Nobody on the bridge, a little bit of traffic on the I-5 in Tacoma but not enough to hurt me.

I really love this view of Seattle. I think it might even be my favorite.

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