Saturday, August 16, 2008

Leaving Seattle at 21 MPH

Yesterday I planned my work day around a decent Seattle departure. I had a 15 minute task that needed to be done at the Stimson-Green mansion on first hill before the end of the day and so I timed it out so that the buzzer would go off there and then it's just a short hop. skip, and jump from the Bainbridge Island ferry. Even though it still took me four hours to get to PA, it was much better than the cluster fuck that I was up against two weeks ago in Edmunds. The cool thing about the Bainbridge ferry is that it's a true commuter ferry, both the passenger deck and the sundeck were packed with people, it really felt like the giant bus that it is.

Hauling ass. I picked up a couple of hitchers also headed to PA on the way off the ferry, it was nice to have a little company for the last hour of my journey. They were a couple of girls coming from Southern Oregon on their way to Victoria. Both were dumb as rocks and a little weird, but nice enough.

After dropping my passengers at the ferry terminal I headed up to Michele's placde because I was ready for some dinner, and so was my lady. We hopped on our bicycles for the one mile journey down town. Michele on her Smoke and me on the El M.(in commuter mode) we made good time and I got some nice in motion pictures of my lady with the big camera.

How can you not love that big toothy grin? Tomorrow we've got a big day planned(hence the El M. w/ slicks), I'm excited and so is Michele.
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