Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bye Bye Beast

I threw the Volpe in the back of the beast this morning and headed out towards Monroe so that I could return the truck to it's rightful owner. I told Will I'd take him out to breakfast as a small token of my appreciation for lending me his truck. We drove all the way back into Woodinville to go to one of Will's favorite breakfast places. After eating way too heavy a pre-ride breakfast I hit the Sammamish Trail to the Burke-Gilman back towards home. Like the idiot I am I forgot my water bottle at home but I did remember to adequately pre-funk at the breakfast joint so I figured I'd be ok. The trail was pretty crowded and I started out in a pretty stiff head wind once I hit the lake but the trails pretty flat and I was making pretty good time. With all the people on the trail I got a good chance to think abut my bell location and I think it's gotta change a little bit. Just about the time my thirst started to come on strong I came across some kids selling lemonade, at $.50 a glass I couldn't afford not to stop. I handed over my dollar and was quickly on my way again. I was was planning on taking Burke-Gilman all the way to Ravenna and then head towards Green Lake from there minimizing my climbing, instead I bailed at 70th thinking that the hills would be a decent trade off for the distance saved. No such luck, the extra couple of climbs were pretty brutal.

These pictures don't do the hills justice.

If anybody can explain this sign to me I'd appreciate it. What is so special about these days? I mean beside the fact that the list contains my birthday(and SuLing's if I remember correctly).

I figure I rode about 18 miles or so today and 90% of my elevation gain was in the last few miles.

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su ling said... remembered correctly :D