Saturday, July 28, 2007

Michele hirts dirt

We went out to Saint Edward Park this afternoon for a little ride, Michele's first mountain bike ride since we got here. Michele enjoyed the new terrain, much more forgiving than the 'nix. We rode for a couple miles until Michele broke one of her toeclips. 3 miles is what we had according to the GPS I'm guessing there's another half mile in the twists and turns that don't get picked up. Short but still fun.

On a different note there's been some recent changes to the Volpe. Moved Michele's ill fitting rack over from the Smoke and got her a better one. Added a little something to give other path users a little heads up and some new pads for the brakes. BTW the brakes still suck bad, I think it's going to take new rims to actually make this bike stop.


JMH said...

Man, I think we live in parallel universes (northwest/Spokane roots, single-speed mountain biking, I am in the market for a used Honda Element and a cross bike). Except I now live on the east coast and am the father of two little ones. Love your biking posts, it really brings me back. I miss the bike culture in the NW.

Speaking of bikes, other than the brake issue, what is your opinion of the Volpe? I have narrowed down my search for an all-around commuter/fitness bike to either a Volpe/San Jose, or a Surly Cross-Check. When I am PDX next week, I hope to ride a friend's Surly.

Keep on keeping on.

Sean said...

I hear ya with the parallel universes.

Other than the brakes I am totally in love with the Vople. Very supple ride and even with cx geometry still plenty nimble on the street and compliant on the dirt. I don't think you can go wrong with the bikes your looking at, the cool thing about the Surly is that it will fit some monster meats if you so desire.