Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Letter

Last night Michele, Rachel, and I went out to a couple of bars so the ladies could get shitty drunk, oh so very shitty. When we got home there was a long message from our landlord on my work phone, one of the things that she mentioned was that Hugh, our downstairs neighbor, was happy to have us living upstairs. When I relayed this to the ladies Rachel was so moved she decided to pen Hugh a letter. I present to you that letter word for word:


We also love having you as a neighbor. We enjoy dancing and listening to music. I hope that we can become very close friends. Life is too short to have boundaries that mean nothing. Your son is probably the spring of your life. We know what that is because we have Rachel who is the sun of our sky. Please come up and celebrate music with our family. We also love food.

Forever yours,

Michele and Sean and Rachel

We honor you as a man of wisdom and love.

It has not been delivered yet.

*Late Edit*
It should be noted that we know very little about our neighbor and and only spoken to him in passing a few times.


Anonymous said...

If the letter was written with the typical penmanship of a doctor writing prescriptions, Michele has no worries that your neighbor could read it. But, wait a minute, does he have access to the internet?!!


Sean said...

Oh it's plenty legible, written by Rach, not Michele. It's still sitting on the coffee table.