Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dash Point SP

Busted ass down to Dash Point State Park this morning to confront the rumors of decent trail. Let me just start by saying that the rumors are true. Definitely some good trail to be had. I don't think I made a bad choice taking the bike formerly known as Unit, but on less wet trails(or w/ more mudworty tires), the El Mariachi would totally kick ass.

I didn't really follow the prescribed route, instead opting to follow my normal operating procedure: find trails, get lost, ride for a while, get tired, find my way out.

While not exactly chock full of bermy goodness, there were a couple bad ass berms to be found. This is one of them.

I nearly bought it at this little crossing, one of the sections wasn't attached to anything I got pitched pretty good when I hit it and the whole thing rocked to the side.

The tide was way out when I got back to the lot so I hit the beach. While not exactly smooth the sand had enough water to make it very rideable.


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