Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yet Another Project

Alright, I know I've got my fair share of idle projects but what's one more?

So I hit the shop this morning in search of parts for the urban battle bike. It's Michele's old mountain bike that I sold to my brother once Michele made the switch to full suspension. Dad's going to be riding this bike in the upcoming race. This bike's got some problems, the big one is the stripped drive side crank. In addition to that there are other miscellaneous adjustment and tune up items needed, but I'm going a step further because I can. Rigid and a front disc brake.

New(used) LX crankset, new(takeoff) P2 disc tour fork, brake cables, old front Avid BB7, old front disc wheel w/ new bearings, no granny, but new(old) 32 and 44 rings. Tires will come from Michele's commuter for race day and dad will be all set. The P2 disc will eventually live on Michele's commuter and the Indy will go back on before the bike goes back to Pat.

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Old Fat & Slow said...

THe old geezer's in training. Looks like the bike will be a good setup, light and rigid. Try not to make it rain, I've gotten used to the Phoenix weather.