Monday, April 14, 2008

MRT Revisited, Sort Of...

After a quick breakfast in Sisters, Michele and I headed over the pass in hopes of taking in a little McKenzie River Trail action. Unfortunately for us much of the trail was still under quite a bit of snow, including the hot springs at Deer Creek. We ended up doing a little out and back from the lower trailhead.

Very flowy and super fantastic. I love this trail.

Plenty of snow in the shade and a little still to be found in the sun.

Steeds resting.

Michele pondering something.

One shot of me, kinda.

Post ride we drove up to Portland and checked in with Tim and Lucy. The plan was to go to dinner with Pat and Leah but since we were hungry and who knows when Pat would get done we hit Widmer alone. Michele calls it the brew pub gold standard, excellent food and beer, not too big and not so small that you'll never get a place to sit(like my current favorite, the Jolly Roger).

Drink up.

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