Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mmm... Bend

Bend is going on the future homes for Sean and Michele short list. Anybody know if there's a need for docs? I'm guessing not so much. We started with breakfast at the hotel and then we were off.

It's been a while since I've posted a ride profile, mostly because I haven't had one worth posting in a while. We headed North of town about 12 miles to an area called Maston. I had heard that it's relatively easy riding but plenty of fun. It didn't disappoint, the trail was pretty sandy but still had a smooth line and mostly flat. The trail had very good flow, Michele described it as "zen".

Michele was very excited about the mountain views that we had all along the ride.

We found a little side trail that offered us a beautiful view of the Deschutes.

Michele bit it pretty hard at about the halfway point. Not a lot of crashes in Michele's mountain biking career, but when she does fall she makes it count.

Michele happy to be back at the car.

After Maston we went to Smith Rock State Park and did a little hike. It's around 200 ft to the bottom and we hiked less then 2 miles total. No climbing for us though, now thatour personal guide lives in Michigan anyway.

Very cool views.

Dusty and tired we headed back to the hotel...

...and into the soaking pool.

Post soak it was time for a meal of food. The four block walk to Deschutes seemed doable.

Michele claims that I look creepy in this picture.


Michele powered through her post crash knee pain for a little walk around the park.

Saw these guys tearing it up and had to snap the picture. I know it's blurry and out of focus but I really like the way conveys the way I feel about bikes.

Today we head to Portland with an attempt to stop at MRT, for the hot springs at least.

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JMH said...

Man I love Bend, the high desert, sun, mountains, river, great snow, lots o' biking, cool people. In college we used to make the trek to Smith Rocks a couple times a year. Some of the best Mexican food I've ever had was at this little place in Terrebonne, La Siesta I think was the name, right on Hwy. 97 near the entrance to the park. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.