Thursday, April 24, 2008

Done.... Mostly

Here it is, the urban battle bike is nearly ready to roll. The new front end is a nice set up with the P2, a S-3 headset, and the Avid disc. The P2 A-C measurement is near exact to the Indy SL that came off at proper sag so geometry is still spot on. The S-3 went on because I had it and I like it a lot better than the shitty loose ball that it replaces. As for the disc, Avids are dummy proof and provide great stopping power.

The 21 speed shifting is down to 14 thanks to the missing granny, after all dad's not going to need it anyway. The old crankset was five hole 110 BCD and the new LX is a 4 hole 104 BCD requiring new rings. The SS ring that came with the cranks was toast so I used a 32 tooth Salsa SS ring, after all without the granny there's no need for ramps and pins. New 44 tooth FSA big ring, this one is good for shifting.

So what's left? I'll swap tires with Michele's commuter right before the race, and dad's bringing his own pedals. It turns out that I'm all out of 26" tubes and I'm going to need one of those as well. Dad can take his pick of a couple different saddles and that's it.

The crazy thing? Without pedals, this is the lightest bike in the garage. By nearly a quarter pound no less.
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Old Fat & Slow said...

I still remember crashing on that bike in Spokane several years ago when we were jumping that big rock and taking pictures. Got a little sideways and that was all it took. That setup should work well for the race. Nice job!

Sean said...

I do remember that, it was the day before my wedding. Not as good of a crash as the slow mo endo in an open field though.

Old Fat & Slow said...

Nobody can top my slo-mo endo!