Tuesday, April 3, 2007

How well does your bike know you?

I really didn't want to ride tonight, really.

I came home from work and stared at my bike for a while. I decided it would be better to wait until it starts cooling off rather than ride mid day so I started working on the boat. I put in a couple of hours on shaping the coaming, getting it all ready for epoxy, talked to my wife for a while on the phone for a while, and then went back to staring at my bike. I moved my light mount from the Volpe over to the bike formerly known as Unit, got changed, loaded up, and headed out. I was still moving pretty slow when I got to Dreamy Draw. I took my sweet time getting my gear together and finally started my ride. Not more than a half mile from the lot I was riding up a little rock ledge when my crank gave way and I started to roll backwards. I was quick on the brakes so no real drama but I wasn't going to get much further with my freshly broken chain. Quick coast back to the lot for me and headed home. I've got a new PC-1 in the garage just waiting to go on, but I think there might be a bit too much wear on my chainring for the new chain so I guess I'm off to Rage yet again. Maybe I'll ride tomorrow.

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