Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dinner and a bike ride

Just as I was getting ready to head up to Dreamy Draw with the bike formerly know as Unit, SuLing called to see if I wanted to join her and Jeff for a ride. We have not ridden together since I dodged the broken arm bullet. I didn't really have my heart set on riding alone, and as a matter of fact, I could use the extra push that Jeff was sure to provide. We rolled out a little later than I was planning but I stole Star's HID to better light up the night. We rode from Jeff and SuLing's house and headed West on T-100. I don't ride the trails West of 7th St very often and Jeff led us out on a couple of new to me trails. Nothing really special to speak of, but at least it's something different. It would be interesting to see what the trail looks like in the daylight because at night all you really see is the track.

Post ride they offered to cook me dinner, since the other option was to come home and eat from a paper box, how could I say no? BBQ burgers and fresh cut fries, yummy in my tummy. I'm sure going to miss those two. Well anyway, now it's late and I'm going to bed.

9 miles, 930 feet, and 1 hour 25 minutes tonight.

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