Saturday, April 14, 2007


Eithne, Atticus, and I went to the Tempe bike swap this morning. She was seeking out some Yakima stuff and I was looking for a couple different things, namely some flared drops, a recent rack, and some waterproof panniers. There were a lot more people there this year than last but I still didn't find anything that I both wanted and could afford. I was eyeballing a brand new Raleigh XXIX with an asking price under $600 but my wife would kill me, literally. No more bikes for Sean. I'm not sure that it would be that much fun on the trail anyway, it'd make a great cruiser though. I did buy a T-shirt right before we left, a nice little red number w/ a yellow bike on it. The shirt came with 5 free stickers and for some reason it took Eithne and and I over fifteen minutes took pick the winners. Not long after that we headed for home and I took about twenty or so minutes for me to realize that in the midst of the sticker fervor I never paid. So I flipped a bitch and headed back, when I got there the guy selling the shirts didn't even know, he thought I had paid. I assured him I had not , handed over my $15, and was on my way. If not for that honesty thing I'd make one hell of a thief.

Few pics from the day:

I got some five hour of sanding the boat in this afternoon, I think I might have it ready for paint with another five hours. I plan to have it completed before I leave for my sister and the murse's wedding. Also, the TdC part II goes down tomorrow w/ a peloton of 5, should be good fun, no wrong turns this time.

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