Monday, April 9, 2007

Monday, Monday

I went out to ride tonight, but I just couldn't bring myself to load up the SS and drive to ride. So I put on a bright orange shirt, hopped on the Volpe, and headed out for dinner. I really had my heart set on the Roosevelt. The whole way down I was thinking about some ice water, an Arrogant Bastard, and some franks and beans. Didn't take me very long to get there, but unfortunately I rolled up to an empty bar. Closed on Monday, dammit! I sure had my heart set on those franks and beans, so feeling somewhat dejected I started home. Of course, as the product of a fooder household it didn't take me very long to start working on options. Lisa G's seemed like a decent second choice so I rolled over to seventh to find yet another closed bar. Damn my luck. Anyway MacAlpine's was still open and very close so that's where I finally ended up. Not really what I left the house looking for, but it sure hit the spot, besides who needs beer when you can have Vanilla Diet Coke.

I don't know, maybe 7 miles tonight, not near far enough to cover the cheeseburger calorie count.


john said...

Yeah, unfortunately a lot of the smaller restaurants close on Mondays due to being open all weekend and most owners need a day off or two.

Glad you made to our humble 'hood, though. Too bad Lisa G's was closed. The bowl of balls is most excellent. 35 (trente cinq), the Belgian restaurant next door is incredibly tasty. At least you found MacAlpines.

Sean said...

I've only been to Lisa G's once before(thanks to the New Times Best of), and you're right, she's got fantastic balls. MacAlpine's was actually the very first place my wife and I went out to eat when we moved here. Quite nice. I think I'm going to give the Roosevelt another shot tonight, it's my all time favorite haunt, you'd think I'd know it was closed Mondays.