Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just a quicky update

I'm working on getting ready for departure tonight so I'm not going to spend much time on this. Went out to T-100 tonight w/ a small MTBR group. Yuri led the group at a decent pace and SuLing kept me company in the back of the pack(I suspect she was holding back). I bailed after about a half an hour and headed back to the lot while the group kept going. I broke from the group right at a short hairy decent that I've never cleaned before. I haven't been on that section of trail in quite some time so imagine my surprise when I pulled some moves out of my ass. Honestly though, I think that somebody has cleaned up the trail because it seemed way to easy. 6.5 miles and 850 feet in 55 minutes.

Back at home I got the second coat on the top of the boat, one more to go! I also got the steam box and jig ready for the f'd up fender, either I'm going to fix it or totally destroy it, no middle ground.

Final note, Crazy Jose called me up a couple hours ago and it sounds like I might just have some company for the moving truck drive to Seattle in June, could be fun.

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