Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thought vomit

I've got a lot of stuff kicking around today. If you've ever visited my little piece of cyberspace before you know I'm not the best with words so today's going to be extra special.

Lets start with the VT shootings. There are a couple of forums that I frequent and one of them is chock full of right wing gun nuts. It's times like this that I really can't handle that place, but like a bad wreck, I just can't bring myself to look away. I don't know what makes anyone think that letting 19 year old kids carry concealed weapons to school is the answer. Not just any kids mind you, just the ones that have learned how to hit a target under pressure. Nineteen year old would never do anything stupid with a gun. I'm kind of middle of the road when it come to gun control, but it's ideas like this that make me think that maybe a full on gun ban is the answer.

Yesterday the US Supreme Court decided that Congress is better suited to decide what course of action a doctor should take with their patients. I normally keep my politics and religion(or lack thereof) to myself, but god damn. What the fuck? With Ginsberg and Stevens both in the running to be the next to leave the bench I'm getting a little nervous about the future of our country, and not just concerning the reproductive rights of women.

I don't really mean for this blog to be my little soapbox so I'll get off it now.

I went out to dinner with my 80 year old neighbor Charlotte last night. We went to Lola's Tapas up on Camelback and 8th. It was fantastic, I do love the small eats. She saw Joe's Pinzgauer Sunday and had a million questions about it. Char's kind of known for her of the beaten path side trips and was quite taken with the utilitarian look of it. She made me promise that next time Joe's in town I'll arrange for her to get a trip around the block.

Speaking of Joe, he was pulling some impressive wheelies on the monster cross bike Sunday. I've gotta get that one down, it's pretty cool.

Today I got out on the Unit for the first time in a week. Not much of a route to speak of really, but I rode without anything and that was kinda cool. When I say that I mean, no GPS, no gloves, no tubes, no tools, no water, and no Camelback. Just man, bike, and helmet. It was fun, I chose a route with some technical sections because of the fact that I was not carrying the weight. It's kind of funny how naked I felt in a couple of places without the water filled endo crash barrier and by the time I clicked of what I'm guessing was my fifth and final mile I was pretty thirsty.

Post ride I came home and put a second coat of primer on the boat. Tomorrow I'm starting on paint and it should be ready for trim out by the middle of next week, but because of the Sarah and the Murse wedding it won't happen until May.

Lastly I'm still debating what I'm going to do this weekend. The mountain bike options are as follows: Gooseberry, Gallop, Granite Basin, Mt. Graham, and keeping it local. Right now I'm leaning toward local. I've got a 3000 mile drive ahead of me associated with getting my wife back and the aforementioned wedding in a week and the less driving I do beforehand the better.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading through your blog. I am interested in the Pinzgauers(sp) I am also in Phoenix area and would like to speak with one of the people you mention about theirs. Any chance you can get me in touch with them?

Sean said...

Email me through Google's service, solorider is the name.