Monday, April 6, 2009

2nd Wedding in a Row

A week ago it was Chad(another of Michele's co-residents) and Beth's wedding. This weekend it was Jeff and Kate(my cousin)'s wedding. In another month or so it'll be Star and Eddie's wedding. My cousin Lizzy's wedding is also on the horizon. They're coming fast and furious now, who knows what wedding will be next.

Anyway, the Jeff and Kate wedding was a small affair at the Lake Union Rowing Club, there was only about 50-60 people there for the short ceremony followed by brunch.

I only got one halfway decent shot of Kate and Jeff together.

I love this shot of Kate and her brother Chuck dancing together.

The weather has been great here in Seattle the last few days and I'm hoping it will hold for at least a little longer. Wednesday is the earliest I'll be able to ride and I'd like to find sunshine and dry trails when I do.

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JMH said...

In 2000 we were invited to 12 weddings (one of them was ours), and went to 8, no joke. That was an expensive year.