Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Getting Ready for Market

I'm laughing because I just got done doing something really stupid. If you look closely you'll notice there are no brake cables and no brakes, just levers. The Cowan just got an uber cheap wheelset and gears and I wanted to make sure everything was working alright. As you may recall, I live on a steep hill, and without brakes going up is clearly the way to go. Of course, I've got to get back home after verifying that the shifting is cool, why not just ride back down the hill? Oh yeah, those levers aren't connected to anything! After some foot dragging and a ghost ride into the blackberries around the corner I came away unscathed. At this point all I need is one brake cable and housing and the Cowan is ready for Craigslist. Here's hoping for a quick sale.

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