Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dumb Poem Wednesday

I mailed the app
all filled with fear
with little research
I gave up a year

My life packed away
in a duffel bag
I touched down in Denver
with no jet lag

To the dorms we traveled
in big white vans
that big brick building
with old ceiling fans

Jocks mingled with vegans
reminiscing about home
I felt out of place
and sat all alone

We were assigned teams
Ben, Edna, and Ted
along with ten others
this group I did dread

The pay was not much
hardly a wage
I had made 5x more
at a much younger age

South we traveled
with all of our gear
and there we'd remain
the last month of the year

Together we toiled
outside in the cold
at night in our cabin
our bodies felt old

All bunked together
in our one room hut
we quickly fell into
a comfortable rut

Turns we'd take
in preparing our meal
clean up was always
let's make a deal

At night in my bag
between Francie and Rob
I was so very happy
I loved my new job

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