Monday, April 20, 2009

Two Posts in One

This post is covering yesterday and today all run together and it's pretty picture heavy so I'm going to go light on the words because I've still got some other shit to accomplish tonight in preparation for my parents arrival tomorrow night.

After I finished my project Michele and I headed downtown to the aquarium. We've never been and at $16 a head it's not hard to figure out why, but with a 2 for 1 it's not so bad.

Michele checking out the giant tank of fish.

Oh come on, don't be such a wuss and just touch it already!

Mmmm, jelly.

Shark. This was taken at the big tank where three divers were in the process of feeding the fish.

Michele just doesn't measure up to a six gill shark, for shame.

Post aquarium visit to happy hour at Taste, top two happy hour for me in Seattle. Not exactly cheap but totally awesome.

I mean the salt comes with a little spoon so that you can just eat it. Right the fuck on.

After arriving returning home Michele and I hopped on our bikes and headed around the hamster wheel. Michele wasn't really sure why.

Ice cream in Wallingford, of course.

Loving the cruiser more every day, even though I did have to hike it the last 100' of the hill on the return trip. Oh well, still kicks ass.

This afternoon I jumped on the most inappropriate bike in the garage for urban adventures and headed off to post a letter on the other side of the hamster wheel. You couldn't want for a more beautiful day, the sun was out, the winds calm, and not too cold.

Did someone say I rode the wrong bike? MTB gear is not a pavement gear but TBFKaU sure is purdy.


I'm not normally one to ogle, not overtly anyway, but the woman in red that made for my first bikini sighting of the year was really something to behold(and hard not to ogle), and I totally fucking missed the shot!

Oh well, I was still having a good time.

I rode a little bit of trail at least.

Nothing helps homework go down easy quite like a couple Stellas and three tiny little burgers(at happy hour prices anyway). That brings up up to present and now I'm off to clean some house.

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