Friday, April 24, 2009

The Condos

Yesterday I took my parents to the opening of the condos that the company I used to work for just completed. The project was a partnership between the owner of the construction company and the architect and is rated LEED Platinum. I like a lot of the details that went into the project but my favorite is the half green/half deck roofs with solar hot water systems that supply both radiant heat and tap. A lot of people tend to blow off solar in Seattle thinking that it just doesn't work very well. There is some truth to that with photovoltaics but solar evacuated tubes work extremely well even in this climate.

It's funny, I have to catch myself all the time still. I keep refering to the company I used to work for as if I was still around. It's a really great construction company, it's too bad things are so far in the tank right now.

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