Sunday, April 19, 2009


Michele and I went out to SST yesterday.  It was Michele's first ride in quite a while and my first ride on something other than the tank in a couple of weeks.  Wow, the first 15 minutes on El M. was really weird.  My hands were too far forward, my seat too high, and I kept forgetting that I could beack pedal without locking up the back tire.  Avoiding the shifter still felt completely natural.

Michele just riding along.

I thought I was taking a picture and got snagged on a blackberry bush.

Michele sure does love those airplanes, so long as you don't ask her to ride on it.

Perfect place for a post ride evil salad and a beer, unless of couse you're not feeling like drinking.  Salad's still okay.

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JMH said...

Good thing all you have to worry about is the occasional blackberry bush, I just noticed my favorite local trail is lined with poison ivy. Gives you new motivation not to crash.