Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Michele and I rode the exact same route today as we did yesterday. There was one difference though, I swapped the risers on Michele's bike for some On One Mary Bars. She was complaining of lack of steering confidence and comfort and I figured this might be a nice change for her. Thanks to Scott for lending me the bars so Michele could try them out before we by some. The bars have a much greater sweep than normal bars making for a much more natural hand position. Because the bar sweeps forward before it comes back, the stem does not need to be changed. The bar is also about an inch and a half wider giving a little more leverage. Anyway, on to the ride Michele commented that she felt a little better with the new bars and was more confident on the technical section that she rode for the first time yesterday, but that could just because she now knew what she up against. I plan on leaving the bars on for a couple weeks and reassess how she's feeling about them.

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