Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Quick ride and a new project

Michele and I just got back from a quick spin in the Preserves. We did Michele's Loop plus a mile and a half. She surprised me on the additional section by riding a couple of technical spots where I had fully expected her to walk. I really don't try to push her when we ride together, I think part of it is because that's who I am. I also think that I've got this deep down underlying fear that she's always walking the razor's edge with mountain biking. Like she's not really fully on board and all it's going to take for her to give it up is for me to take her on one too many rides just beyond her skill level. I think I damn near lost her for good a year ago, but the spring purchase of a full suspension bike certainly seemed to bring her back from the edge. Hurray for me and hurray for Michele.

Oh yeah, 4.5 miles and 400 feet in 45 minutes.

As for the new project, Star's kayak came in the mail today. Now all we have to do is put it together. I've always wanted to build a kayak, at least I get to cut my teeth on someone else's, that way when I build mine it'll come out right the first time. Fun, fun.

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