Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Riding with the docs

Went out to Dreamy Draw today with three of my pre-docs for a quick spin around the preverves. We were shooting for a 4:00 start time but in typical John and Zeph fashion they were both late. Zeph was the worse of the two offenders showing up at 4:30 putting us on the trail at :20 till. Our late start meant that we wouldn't be able to stay out that late due to the fact that none of us were packing lights and Star is crazy night blind.

We did just shy of 7 miles with 725 feet of climbing in just over an hour including stops. The climb out of Dreamy Draw hurt like a mother today, both Star and I stopped and walked on one of the segments. I felt pretty good after that dropping everyone on the zipper, pretty much all the way to the 40th street lot. We rode up 8 past T-100 at a decent pace then did a bit of a turn and took an unnamed trail back down to the T-100. On the way back down to DD I was following Star and got to witness the finest digger I think she's ever taken. She dropped off a step into a large rock going right over the bars. She hit the ground hard, coming down on her hip, shoulder, and head. True to form she bounced right back quickly looking at the bright side. She popped out of her new clipless pedals without any problem, helping put another fear to bed.

We all went to Chipotle after for dinner and then I got to come home to play with my new toy.

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Michele said...

What did you eat at Chipotle?