Sunday, January 7, 2007

Pemberton Trail

I went out to McDowell Mountain Park today with Star, Michele was going to come along but she wasn't really feeling up to it when we were getting ready to go. I was not feeling all that enthused about riding either since I didn't get much sleep last night and I was ready for my nap before we even got out the door. At any rate the Pemberton stats are as follows: 15.2 miles, 1050 ft of gain, avg speed of 9.6 mph for 1hr 34 min ride time, and a top speed of 22 mph. Even though it wasn't really all that fast, this was my fastest Pemberton time to date. Star really stepped up today and hauled ass, she spent most of the ride ahead of me, far enough that I couldn't see her most of the time. I was able to reel her back in pretty easy when the trail got fast, and that's still to be expected. Her technical skills have a ways to go, but she's coming along quite well.

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