Saturday, February 24, 2007


They lasted a whole 12 hours. I cut them in last night and it took Michele nearly 15 minutes to figure it out. This morning she told me she wouldn't be seen in public with them. Personally, I think I was looking like a stone-cold-pimp. Oh well. Bye bye chops, hello 'burns.

It's going to be another week before I see my bike again so Michele and I took another hike today. We started at the Tatum trailhead for T-100 and went a about 3 miles with ~200 feet of gain. Nothing really to speak of except we took some pictures for Michele to submit to Threadless. If you're local, get your ass out there because there's no brown cloud today and you can see for miles.

Anyway, on to bigger matters that don't matter. Oh the places we could live- Pac-NW, how I miss you so. So here are the pros and cons as I see them. By the way, this is about me, not what's best where Michele's future employment is concerned- that's a whole other list.


Pros: water, Public Market, friends, and family, decent bike culture, rain (yeah, that's right)

Cons: traffic, lack of trails, cost of living very high, traffic


Pros: real close to family, right across the river from Portland, not too expensive, shop in Oregon, pay taxes in Washington, so close to Portland I assume it's bike friendly, rain

Cons: unknown to me job market, forget driving into Portland if there's traffic


Pros: shit, it's Portland, can't think of a more bike friendly place, my old stomping grounds, good chance I've already got work, Powell's

Cons: might be too close to family, only three places in town for the mountain bike (that I know of)


Pros: I have work there, good mountain biking, lots of cheap snowboarding close to town, small whitewater right through town after work, cheapest place on the list

Cons: not sure I want my old job, not much for culture, little unsafe to ride on the streets


Pros: mountain biking, won't have to bother moving, already have a job, t-shirt riding all winter, EpicRides, full-on mountain bike community, mountain biking

Cons: forget riding on pavement, six million people, really hot in the summer, tired of my job, really don't want to be here forever

Portland/Vancouver is my top choice of course but I'll be happy no matter where we go. Nothing I could do about it anyway as the wheels have already been set in motion.


john said...

Hey man, been enjoying the blawg. Saw the link from upsideout. I've been riding with him (Yuri) and Yetisurly. I think I saw you, from your pics, at the 24HitOP. Shit rocked.

Sean said...

Thanks. OP was a kick in the pants, Todd can sure throw a party.