Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Different kind of ride

I went and did something today that I haven't done in quite a while, I rode pavement. I was having a hell of a time getting the motivation up to get out there. I didn't want to change, I didn't want to get my camelback together, and really I didn't want to drive to the trails. So instead I grabbed my camera, changed my shoes, and headed out. Now I normally I avoid riding on the street especially on my mountain bike and since that's currently my only bike it never happens. The last time I rode on the street was over a year and a half ago, back when I still owned a road bike. Other than the really bad gear for flats the ride today really wasn't all that bad. I rolled over to the canal and through some neighborhoods. I made a couple of stops to take some pictures and covered 8 miles in just under an hour. The ride was completely flat and I'm not sure that I trust the 300 feet that the GPS came back with, but there it is. I run a 32:18 for most of my riding and didn't feel it was necessary to swap out the gear for just this one ride so I end up almost completely spun out at a mere 13 mph. I actually enjoy road riding, but Phoenix drivers scare the shit out of me. I'm currently hatching plans for a second bike, it'll be future city dependent so that rules out a real decision until after the Ides of March. What I do know is that it's gotta be cheap, steel, rack ready, and able to fit some nice fatty cross tires. Oh yeah, it would be nice if it only has one gear too.


Yuri said...

road riding is a death wish.
time for a cross bike.
unless you ride with a glock.

Sean said...

Word. Volpe and San Jose are the top contenders.