Saturday, February 10, 2007

Good News, Bad News

First the good news, I've lost ten pounds since the first of the year. I'm now sitting at 246 and I'm pretty happy with my rate of loss. 47 more pounds and I no longer qualify as a Clydesdale. The bad news is that I've once again fucked up my back. I don't know what the hell I did but over the last week my hamstrings tightened up really bad and started affecting my lower back. It hurt so bad yesterday I was near tears. I know, I know, I've got to stretch more, but god damn it really snuck up on me this time. When I'm riding fairly regularly my back usually does pretty well, and I've been riding with some regularity for the last few months.

On another note, Singlespeed Arizona rolls out in a half an hour. I wish I could be there. In a year, when Michele and I are living in Seattleportlandspokanevancouver and I bitch on how I missed out on Dejay's big party I'll have this page to remind me of why I wasn't there. Last years course looked un-fucking-doable for my fat ass, but this year it struck me as manageable. I look forward to reading some good ride reports in the coming days.

I'm also missing out on another Black Canyon Trail work day today. All the cool (non-singlespeed) kids will be out there breaking their backs for the benefit of all trail users. Last month was a lot of fun and the trail that has already been built is really pretty sweet. I'm looking forward to the full finished product. If your local and haven't checked it out yet, you owe it to yourself to hit Little Pan Loop at least.

Of course, Star and I have our big 24 hours of Stupidity in the Old Pueblo in a mere seven days and I've really got to get my shit together for that. It's way too late to do a thing about my lousy fitness level, but hopefully I can get my back nice and limber again in time. For the record, I'm planning on doing four laps, five would make me a superstar in my own mind, the way I feel right now I'd be happy to squeeze out one. Tune in one the 19th to see how well it all works out for me.

There may or may not be a ride report later today, if there is a ride it sure as hell won't be a big one. Michele seems to be on the mend so maybe a quicky in the preserves.

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